Drop Everything And Read

Thursday 12th November saw the launch of the first weekly session of Drop Everything and Read (DEAR). Every pupil in Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 stopped what they were doing in their lessons and picked up their Reading for Pleasure book. Most pupils brought in a fiction book, some brought their Accelerated Reader books, whilst others brought in non-fiction books. Staff joined in with the pupils and joined classes to read; including non-teaching and office staff.

The atmosphere around school was fantastic, the pupils were really excited to be given the opportunity to read outside of Form and Literacy time. Seeing pupils and staff reading together was very special indeed.

DEAR is now a weekly event and all pupils need to bring in a book every day. Pupils are welcome to visit the library before school and each lunchtime in-order to read quietly. We have also placed a ‘Parent Book Swap Bookcase’ in the waiting room at the front of school. We really encourage parents and visitors to take a book to read and bring in one that you found enjoyable in its place. We are building a reading community that share a life-long love of reading.

LDA Reads…