Exam Results

Best Ever GCSE Results 2017!

The school celebrated our best ever GCSE results with record attainment and achievement across a range of subjects. Our pupils have achieved the highest ever results recorded for the school for English and mathematics, with a significant increase of 11% on our combined headline figure for English and mathematics from 2016.

The school has also seen an increase in attainment across a further 15 subject areas with record results achieved in history, computer science and technology, amongst others.

These results reflect the hard work of both pupils and staff at the school and the support from Governors, parents/carers and the local community. We are incredibly proud of our pupils’ achievements.

Individual successes included Emma, pictured with Councillor G Morgan (LDA Chair of Governors), who made an average of 4 Levels of Progress across a range of subjects and Shannon, pictured with Miss V Gowan (Headteacher), who achieved 2A*s, 5As and 4 B grades.


2017 (validated results)