Expressive Arts


Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts

The expressive arts team delivers art and design, drama and music at key stages 3 and 4 and dance, media studies and film at key stage 4.

We offer a very wide range of enrichment activites such as choir, instrumental tuition, drama, dance and art clubs. We have a close partnership with LIPA (Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts ) who deliver a strong enrichment programme alongside ours both here and down at campus.


Film Studies

Students follow a Film Studies GCSE (WJEC GCSE). The Film Studies GCSE course aims to introduce students to film and how to respond to the theme, character and the directors’ intentions within this industry.

Students will develop their skills while watching and analysing a series of films, with a particular focus on super hero films in year 11. They will develop on understanding to the background behind film, the workings of the industry and the different roles taken in film. They will also explore how to write about film, documenting the choices made, camera angles/shots and the genre. With their understanding about the film industry students will then have the opportunity to demonstrate these skills in a practical project involving developing an idea and creating a film. They will have an opportunity to pick from a range of activities including writing a script, creating a short film, designing a film magazine. Student have the change to work independently while also working in small group in the final piece.

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Expressive Arts extra curricular activities are displayed on the Enrichment page.



Miss J. Taylor: Head of Expressive Arts

Ms N. Chase: Responsibility in Art

Miss E. O’Reilly: Teacher of Expressive Arts/Head of Year 10

Mr J. Torode: Expressive Arts Technician / PE

Mrs L. McDiarmid: Expressive Arts Technician

Miss A Boag-Munroe, Lead Teacher of Music