Praise, encouragement and rewards are effective behaviour management techniques.

At Lord Derby Academy we reward our pupils in many ways. Below are some examples of how we do this:

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Praise Postcards

Throughout the week staff post surprise praise postcards into our school post box located outside Student Services. These praise postcards are then sent home to parents/carers to celebrate and acknowledge pupil achievements such as improved attendance or pleasing classwork.Postbox


Merits are rewarded to pupils in lessons. Click here for more information on merits and rewards.Merit Points are recognised and celebrated in form time and assemblies on a regular basis. Merit Points can be spent in the School Reward Shop

Attendance rewards

Pupils at school receive Bronze, Silver and Gold pin badges for 100% attendance through the academic year. Gold badges will be presented at our annual Celebration of Achievement Evening. Pupils can also receive praise postcards, vouchers, additional merits and pupil bonuses for example ‘jump the dinner queue pass’. Certificates from Heads of Year are also awarded in end of term assemblies for 100% or significantly improved attendance.



Reward trips

Reward trips take place at the end of term. Pupils must demonstrate good behavior (no behavior points), excellent punctuality (no lates) and at least 95% attendance (which is in line with national average) to be eligible for a reward trip.


Rewards Day

Every year Lord Derby Academy hosts a whole school rewards day. During this day pupils experience many exciting activities. As part of the day the whole school takes part in a sponsored walk to raise money for charity.

£1,152. 04

for the Anthony Walker Foundation through our community sponsored walk.